Welcoming the Tiger Year with JJ Royal Coffee

It’s almost Chinese New Year again! Almost every household is going to be ready with an arsenal of snacks and titbits. Have you begun preparing for the festivities?
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This year, step up your CNY game with us and give your guests an enjoyable start to the year. We have put together some ways that you can impress guests and spark conversations!

More than just CNY cookies – An Interactive Coffee Pairing Experience
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Besides offering CNY cookies, titbits, and soft drinks, you can take your guests on a creative coffee tasting and snack pairing journey! Share your coffee-tasting knowledge with guests as you present them with coffees that pair well with the snacks you have. This engaging activity is bound to keep your guests occupied and entertained. For this, you will have to consider the snacks that you intend to serve guests and pick out the coffees that pair best with them. Consider preparing large batches of cold brew with different beans. Check out our recommended pairings here!

Coffee Beans As A CNY Snack
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Guazi, which means melon seeds in Chinese, are a traditional snack that are often consumed during Chinese New Year. These are thought to bring good luck, happiness and even fertility. This year, introduce your guests to the delights of chocolate coated roasted coffee beans, which are similar in texture to Guazi but much more decadent. Give the following recipe a try!

What you will need:
1. ½ cup of your favourite chocolate
2. 1 cup of coffee beans

1. Melt the chocolate in a pan over a low flame
2. Pour the coffee beans into the pan and gently stir until beans are well-coated in chocolate. The intention is to coat the beans, not cook them!
3. Strain the coffee beans and place them over baking paper to cool and allow chocolate to harden.
4. Keep these beans in the fridge until it is time to serve!

Peaberry The Cat

This lovable tiger junior is a crowd favourite with both adults and children alike. Peaberry is named after peaberry coffee beans, which are single seeds contained in the fruit of the coffee plant. Unlike regular coffee beans which are found in pairs in the coffee fruit, peaberry coffee beans are much puffier in shape, and are often sweeter and richer in caffeine than regular coffee beans. Peaberry the Cat is truly one of a kind! Share its story with your guests and complete your Year of the Tiger home decor with Peaberry.

Huat’s In The Cup

Now that you’ve got good food and drink for the festive season, do them justice by serving them in stunning and aesthetic crockery.

Our Festive Edition JJR Ceramic Coffee Cups come in an auspicious red and are perfect for both hot and cold beverages. Their wide shapes offer plenty of headspace which unite aromas and flavours for an excellent drinking experience.

Our Limited Edition JJR Double Wall Cups are both stylish and practical. Both the cup and its accompanying cover have superb insulating properties which keep drinks at ideal temperatures, both hot or cold, giving you plenty of time to chat and catchup with your guests!

The JJ Royal Coffee team hopes that these tips help you give guests a memorable Chinese New Year. Check out our CNY collections for a full range of festive merch! Share with us any innovative ideas you have and tag us on Instagram @jjroyalcoffeesg!

From all of us at JJ Royal Coffee, we wish you a very Happy Chinese New Year filled with happiness, prosperity and good health!