Coffee Matchmaking for Coffee Connoisseurs!

It’s February, the month of love, and romance is in the air! Love is not reserved only for people, and it exists between coffee and other ingredients as well! We are organizing a Coffee & Chocolate pairing with Krakakoa Chocolate that will be taking place on the 26th of February, and it is a rare opportunity for you to learn how to find the perfect match for your favorite coffee beans.

(Photo Credits: Jessica Lewis)
Before that, let’s explore why some ingredients work so well with coffee, such that they are present in many café menus. Most harmonious pairings between coffee and other foods can be explained by complementary flavors. However, there are also instances in which the pairing inexplicable works fantastically, much like a miracle of nature. Here are some matches made in heaven!


Coffee & Nuts

(Photo Credits: Marcos Paulo Prado)
If you haven’t experienced the union between coffee and nuts, you have definitely heard of it. Hazelnut lattes are commonly found in cafés, where a shot of hazelnut syrup is added to coffee. The pairing between hazelnut and coffee works because many coffees develop nutty flavors during the roasting process. Sumatran coffees such as our Sumatra Classic coffee have distinct, nutty notes. Other nutty flavors found in coffee include almonds, hazelnuts, macadamias, to name a few. The nutty flavors that dominate in the brew depend on the origin of the beans and roasting recipe. While those are discussions for another time, almost all of us can agree that coffee and nuts go hand in hand!

Coffee and Orange

(Photo Credits: Pongsawat Pasom)
Although coffee does not belong to the family of citrus fruits, it can often have citrusy and sometimes fruity flavor profiles. Our Bali Arabica beans are a great selection to start with, if this pairing tantalizes your tastebuds!

Though less common in coffee chains, coffee and citrus pairings are more commonly found in cafés serving specialty coffees. They are often served over ice, or prepared as cold brews. Oranges are the preferred choice of citrus because of the sweetness they offer, while lemons and grapefruits are more acidic. Ultimately, the pairing of coffee and citrus makes for a refreshing pick-me-up!

Coffee, Toffee, Caramel & Chocolate

(Photo Credits: Toa Heftiba)
These ingredients are smooth, creamy and possess pleasant “brown flavors”, which are products of caramelization and Maillard reactions (that’s a lot of science mumbo jumbo, but these flavors taste great!). When these ingredients are tossed into your cup of joe, the result is a delicious, rich, and velvety concoction that is sure to lift your spirits! That is why caramel macchiatos, mocha lattes and other variations of coffee drinks are so ubiquitous. If these aren’t exciting enough, try adding a pinch of sea salt. This secret ingredient works miraculously to balance out any excess sweetness or bitterness if overly extracted or bold for your taste buds. Ultimately, the pleasant, brown flavors will come through much more distinctly than before! Our Papua Arabica and Mandheling beans are excellent for pairing with these ingredients.

As coffee is a very versatile beverage, pairings are only limited by our imaginations. Discovering new coffee pairings is a journey, much like life itself, and the connections made along the way. Only with experience will you become an excellent coffee matchmaker. If you wish to kickstart your coffee matchmaking journey, join us this 26th February as we take you on a series of gastronomically pleasing specialty coffee and decadent chocolate pairings with Krakakoa Chocolates. Click here for more details on the event and to sign up. Follow our Facebook and Instagram page for more exciting events like this!