About JJ Royal Coffee 

Sharing our love affair with specialty grade Indonesian coffee... 

From the unpaved roads of Papua to the serene highlands of Java, we are here to share the beauty of Indonesia’s single origin coffees. We venture through roads less travelled to share some of the most exceptional coffees that the world has to offer.


Our offerings include single-origin Arabica specialty coffees from the mountains of Toraja, Sumatra, Kayumas Java Estate, Aceh, Bali, Papua and Flores, along with a range of select highland Robustas. JJ Royal Coffee also features the most exclusive 100% pure wild Luwak coffee – a rare indulgence for the curious epicurean.


We rigorously uphold our commitment to provide coffee lovers with the finest Indonesian coffee. Our roast masters have optimized roasting techniques to accentuate each coffee’s taste profile based on the processing method and origin. We stay highly caffeinated and motivated with daily cupping sessions to ensure consistency across our roast batches. Our coffees are all halal-certified, too! 


JJ Royal. Indonesia's supreme mountain coffee.