3 steps to make your perfect pre-marathon cuppa at home

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Have you completed your intense marathon training plan and be all prepped for the ultimate race day?

Congratulations! 🎉You are that much closer to attaining your marathon goals!

There's just one last preparation you need before your marathon. Don’t worry, it’s not as intensive as your training plan 😉


What’s the best way to prepare your cuppa before the race?

You might want to try a Cold Brew Recipe to get all the benefits without the discomfort. Cold brew coffee is proven to have less acidity than hot coffee and will have that extra dose of caffeine to boost your endurance.

Another great thing about Cold Brew coffee is that you can prepare it ahead of time! No more waiting for your coffee equipment to extract the liquid fuel that you need.

Cold brew coffee recipe

Did you know?

JJ Royal Coffee Flavours carry different tasting notes based on the type of Coffee Flavour that you use with this Cold Brew Recipe!


Experiment with these different JJ Royal Coffee flavours with the Cold Brew Recipe to brew your perfect pre-marathon fuel!


Our 3-step Cold Brew Recipe:

Ingredients / Equipment

Suggested Ratio: 25g of JJ Royal Ground Coffee per 250ml of Water

1pc         Jug / Carafe

1pc         Strainer



1)   Combine water and ground coffee in the jug and stir well.

2)   Steep overnight in the fridge for 7-12 hours.

3)   Strain the coffee mixture and enjoy!

Keep chill and consume within 2 days. The cold steeping process makes a smooth, mellow coffee that has very little acidity or bitterness.


Try this Cold Brew Recipe for your upcoming race! A cup of JJ Royal Cold Brew coffee will definitely fuel you to the finish line!