Chinese New Year Hosting with a Flavourful Twist

Chinese New Year is less than a week away! We’re looking forward to grand auspicious festivities, joyful family reunions and most importantly, sharing a variety of delicious Chinese New Year snacks! It’s the Year of the Pig in 2019, and there’s definitely lots of snacking options to pig out on. Be it sweet, crunchy, salty, citrusy or savoury, there’s a flavourful snack for you to enjoy this Chinese New Year.

Much like how Chinese New Year snacks have auspicious significances, JJ Royal Coffee flavours embody richness, quality and boldness. Wouldn’t a combination of both sound sinfully delicious? So why not grab a cuppa as we go on a sensory tasting journey to explore and pair JJ Royal Coffees with popular Chinese New Year snacks?

Pineapple tarts

Chinese New year pineapple tarts

Image source: Anncoo Journal

Pineapple tarts are undoubtedly a delightful household staple during the holidays. With a tasty pineapple jam core atop a crumbly pastry base or cookie base, these bite sized treats are not to be missed.

JJ Royal Coffee Toraja arabicaThese pineapple jam offer a zing of sweetness and tartness while the crumbly pastry bits are light and buttery. We recommend you to enjoy JJ Royal’s Toraja Arabica with this fruity snack. Toraja’s long-lasting caramelly notes enhances the tropical tartness from the pineapple jam, creating a satisfying medley of complementary flavours.

Kueh Bangkit

Image source: Her World

Kueh Bangkit is a sweet, airy, coconut-flavoured treat that usually comes in the festive shape of a flower. It is a fragrant, powdery cookie that delicately melts in your mouth but is also crisp enough to make a crackly sound as you bite into it. A good Kueh Bangkit will maintain its exterior crunch and shape with a soft delicious center.

Classic Sumatra JJ Royal Coffee specialty coffeeKueh Bangkit is a lighter snack compared to other Chinese New Year goodies. To match the airiness of those flavours, we recommend pairing with JJ Royal Coffee’s Sumatra Classic. Sumatra Classic has a light body which complements the subtle coconut taste of Kueh Bangkit. When the cookie is sipped with Sumatra Classic, the sweetish cookie will yield a pleasant combination of toasty and light coconut flavour.

Almond Cookies

Image source: Food4tots

A simple and traditional snack to prepare for Chinese New Year is a jar of almond cookies to offer to your guests. These crunchy almond cookies are popular and well-known snacks during the Chinese New Year. Not only are they delicious, almonds cookies also symbolize wealth and good fortune as they shaped to represent coins.

Made from a rich and buttery cookie dough, almond cookies tend to be crumbley cookies with ground or chopped almonds for extra almond flavour.

Mandheling arabica JJ Royal Coffee specialty coffeeTo complement the rich nuttiness flavour of almond cookies, we recommend serving JJ Royal’s Mandheling for your guests. Nutty and chocolatey tasting notes undoubtedly go hand in hand. Mandheling’s dark chocolatey taste will enhance the nuttiness of almond cookies, transforming and elevating your whole snacking experience!

JJ Royal Coffee specialty coffee

Our triple-hand picked JJ Royal Coffee tins make quality gifts to share with your loved ones. Grab a couple of coffees with different flavor profiles and try out different coffee and food pairings during your Chinese New Year home visits! You could even host a simple coffee tasting journey with your closest friends and family!