Beat The Heat With These 3 Cold Brew Infusion Recipes!

A while ago, we introduced you to cold brew coffee, your perfect pre-marathon cuppa. We hope that you have been enjoying experimenting making cold brews with JJ Royal Coffee! Although not many marathons are taking place nowadays, every workday is very much like a marathon. Besides this, it feels like summer almost every day in sunny Singapore. As such, we have decided to share some delightful cold brew coffee recipes with you!

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If you have forgotten how to prepare a refreshing batch of cold brew concentrate, click here for a refresher!


Mint-infused Cold Brew & Tonic, A Very Refreshing Drink!

As cold brew coffee is intended to be refreshing, you can alleviate this sensation by infusing mint leaves such as spearmint or peppermint, which will add a layer of menthol-coolness to your cold brew. Our Aceh Gayo Arabica beans are perfect for this recipe with its bright and floral notes that complement those of mint!

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Before brewing your cold brew concentrate, you will have to add the mint leaves to the coffee grinds. Give the leaves a slap against the back of your hand to “wake” them up before taking them off the stem. Do not blend or crush them as these will unleash some bitter flavors that taint the flavor of the cold brew. We recommend 20-30 leaves per 20 grams of ground coffee.

Ingredients required per serving (200mL):

  • 50mL mint-infused cold brew concentrate
  • 150mL tonic water
  • Ice cubes
  • Your favorite glass/cup (at least 300mL)
  • Optional: Limes

Here are the steps to prepare one glass of this rejuvenating elixir!

  1. Fill glass halfway with ice
  2. Add 150mL tonic water
  3. Top off with 50mL of mint-infused cold brew concentrate
  4. To enhance the aroma and aesthetics of this drink, you can garnish it with a mint sprig
  5. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can add some lime juice to make a “mojito” cold brew coffee!

Orange-Infused Cold Brew Mocha, A Decadent & Dark Drink

You’ve likely seen orange being paired with chocolates in Jaffa Cakes and other chocolate bars like those produced by Lindt. Although it might come across as a strange pairing, orange and chocolate have flavors that harmonize. These in turn complement the flavors of our Bali Arabica Beans, which possess both dark chocolate and orange peel tasting notes.

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To make orange-infused cold brew concentrate, cup the whole orange up into eighths. Add these orange slices (with rind) to the coffee grinds.

Ingredients required per serving (~200mL):

  • 80 mL orange-infused cold brew concentrate
  • 80 mL milk
  • Dark chocolate syrup OR (20g of your favorite dark chocolate cocoa powder, 20mL hot water)
  • Ice cubes
  • Measuring cup
  • Your favorite glass/cup (at least 300mL)

Here are the steps to prepare one glass of this decadent dessert-like beverage!

  1. Add 20mL of hot water to 20mL of dark chocolate in the measuring cup and mix well
  2. Add 80 mL of orange-infused cold brew concentrate to the measuring cup and mix
  3. Add 80 mL of milk, into your glass half-filled with ice
  4. Pour the contents of the measuring cup onto the glass of milk
  5. You can garnish the drink with an orange peel or grated orange peel to boost the aroma and show off your barista skills to your friends!

Cinnamon-infused Honey Cold Brew, The Healthy Coffee Panacea

Cinnamon and honey have been used in many a home remedy as they possess many health benefits. They taste great in hot drinks and are even better in cold brew coffee. Honey and cold brew coffee, when paired together, create an unparalleled smoothness. Cinnamon has a warm, sweet flavor that complements coffee flavors. When these 3 ingredients are put together, you get a calming yet energizing caffeinated drink with numerous health benefits! For this recipe, we recommend our Mandheling Arabica Beans that are medium-dark roasted.

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To make cinnamon-infused cold brew concentrate, you will have to add 1 stick of cinnamon per 20 grams of coffee grounds.

Ingredients required per serving (~200mL):

  • 100 mL cinnamon-infused cold brew concentrate
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 60 mL hot water
  • Ice cubes
  • Your favorite glass/cup (at least 300mL)

Here are the steps to prepare one glass of this healthy take on coffee!

  1. Combine honey and hot water, and mix well
  2. Add 100mL of the cinnamon-infused cold brew concentrate
  3. Top up with ice
  4. You can garnish this drink with a cinnamon stick to make it instagrammable!

As cold brew concentrates are similar to espresso without the rough bitter and acidic edges, it  can replace the espresso in an espresso martini or desserts like affogato.

These infusions are meant to accentuate the coffee flavors of different beans and roasts and we encourage you to continue experimenting with our aromatic coffees!

We hope that you enjoy these recipes. Don’t forget to share your creations with us on Instagram and tag us @jjroyalcoffeesg!