Step Up your Coffee Game with these Cool Hacks!

Making coffee can become routine, especially if you’re an avid coffee lover and lose count of the number of cups you drink everyday. Whether it’s brewing your first cup or an afternoon pick-me-up, coffee is a necessity to get through the day. That said, it’s crucial to constantly explore new ways to inject some excitement in your coffee routine and make it that much more special!
(The best part of the day. A cup of warm coffee.)

With that, we’ve compiled a list of simple yet game-changing coffee hacks to channel your inner barista. You can thank us later!


1. Coffee Ice Cubes 

Freshly brewed iced coffee is great. Watered down iced coffee isn't. We’ve all had iced coffee after the ice cubes have melted and it ain’t great. Here's a solution in three words: COFFEE ICE CUBES. Just freeze some leftover brew in an ice cube tray. Don’t forget to add milk and sugar per your preference before freezing as this helps to maintain the iced coffee’s deliciousness. 
(Coffee ice cubes are truly life-changing.
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2. Make frothy milk with a mason jar and microwave 

This one is absolutely life-changing! Many of us are guilty of getting our coffee fix from coffee shops just because of the dreamy, frothy milk foam. What if we told you that you could save yourself some bucks and make frothy milk at home with just a jar? We just did!

(Barista level unlocked.
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Thanks to this hack making foamy frothy milk has never been easier,. Simply grab a mason jar and fill it halfway with milk and shake vigorously. Proceed by microwaving for thirty seconds. BAM! Just like that, you have creamy and foamy milk! Your Barista status is officially unlocked!

SAFETY NOTE: Remember to microwave the milk without the lid on the mason jar as a safety precaution.


3. Add coconut oil or butter to your coffee for an added boost

Black coffee lovers are probably cringing right now. Butter coffee or popularly known as ‘Bulletproof coffee’ has taken the world by storm. It sounds super unconventional but hey, don’t knock it until you try it! Just blend grass-fed butter and coconut oil in your usual brew. If you like your coffee milky, this one’s for you. Not only is butter coffee delicious, but it also offers an array of great health benefits! Besides staying full for a longer time, butter coffee also ensures consistent energy levels versus the usual caffeine spikes that comes with regular coffee.

(Get that added boost of energy with butter coffee!
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4. Reduce coffee bitterness with a pinch of salt

Bad brews are a thing even for seasoned coffee drinkers. If your coffee has been over-extracted, there’s need to suffer through it! Go to your kitchen and add a pinch of salt to your cuppa. You’re asking yourself, huh? But there’s a scientific basis for this amazing hack! The sodium in salt neutralizes bitterness and blocks the receptors on your tongue from bitter flavors. Still not sure – look up Alton Brown, a famous American cookbook author and food science expert who explains the magic of it all.

(Strike a balance with a pinch of salt!)

5. Enjoy fancy flavours at the comfort of your home
Making coffee at home doesn’t always have to be boring. Take your coffee to the next level by incorporating bold flavours such as chocolate, cinnamon and lemon zest. Instead of adding these flavours while brewing the coffee, add them to the coffee beans before grinding. This ensures a longer lasting flavour profile. 

(Incorporate bold flavours into your coffee grounds)

6. Make espresso in a Moka Pot

Sometimes, the espresso craving is so real but an espresso machine isn’t the most affordable. Who can resist the smooth and rich flavour of the espresso? Well, did you know you can make espresso with your moka pot? The Moka pot is a phenomenal eight-sided wonder which produces pretty legit espresso without any fancy equipment!

Follow these simple steps to make it:

1. Grind the coffee beans, fine enough for espresso.

2. Boil some water and fill the bottom half of the pot.

3. Add the freshly ground coffee into the pot’s filter basket and ensure the grounds are settled evenly by giving it a shake. Place the filter basket into the bottom compartment.

4. Now, It’s time to screw on the moka pot’s top. Be careful when handling the bottom chamber as it would be generally hot.

5. Place the pot on the stove and set to medium heat.

6. You will notice a stream of coffee through the upper chamber when the water in the bottom chamber approaches a boil. If it bubbles slowly, simply turn up the heat on your stove.

7. Your espresso is ready when you hear a bubbling sound!

(Make your espresso at home with a moka pot!)


Making coffee doesn’t always have to be boring, especially when it’s part of your daily routine. The next time you’re about to make your regular cup of black coffee, try these effortlessly cool hacks to spice up your day!