Setting up your own coffee corner

With all the WFH, pantry runs have become officially replaced by the constant kitchen visits to grab a cup of coffee to recharge throughout the day. If you’re a coffee lover looking for an opportunity to spice up your kitchen nook, here’s some coffee bar must-haves for your home office.

1. Coffee Grinder

A grinder is an essential to grind your favourite coffee beans for the perfect cup of coffee. A good Burr will deliver a consistent ground coffee which ensures an even extraction during the brewing process. This end result is a flavourful, well balanced cup every time,


Our trusted partner De’Longhi offers 3 models of coffee bean grinders to choose from. From a single blade grinder for beginners to a burr coffee grinder ideal for more advanced coffee lovers, you will not be disappointed with DeLonghi’s product quality.

2. Milk Frother 

A milk frother is one of the best coffee bar accessories that you can invest in. A frother instantly upgrades your home-made coffee with milk to a frothy latte reminiscent of one you would enjoy at your local cafe.  You can try whipping up your favourite flavoured coffee creamers to add a new twist to your coffee drinks.


We love this very inexpensive milk frother from IKEA. Super affordable, easy to use and most importantly, easy to clean! Just heat up your milk and use the frother for about 5-10 secs before adding your coffee for that irresistible perfectly layered cup.

3. Digital scale with timer

Brewing the best cup of coffee is all about precision. As much as you can eyeball your coffee-to-water ratio, measuring out your ingredients will ensure you brew that perfect cup each and every time.


Coffee Chronicler has blogged about the usefulness of having a digital scale with timer and have also listed some of the best scales in the market based on its battery power, water resistance and built-in-timer.

4. Double Wall Mugs

Besides the obvious of it being aesthetically pleasing, double wall mugs are also designed to ensure no other tastes are absorbed. So regardless of the drink you’ve had before, you can be well assured that you will not be able to smell the previous drink. Moreover, it is also heat or cold resistant, making sure your coffee stays just the way you like it for a long time.

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And if you’d like to add an artistic touch to your coffee nook at home, all you need is some blackboard craft stickers and chalk markers to label your mason jars and make them look more consistent and enticing. Hope this post has been useful to our coffee lovers who might have been scrambling for ideas to make your own home coffee corners!