Easy and Efficient Ways to Reuse Coffee Grounds At Home

Coffee enthusiasts, huddle up! It’s no surprise that we need a cup of our favourite brew every morning to fuel the rest of our day, but if you love coffee as much as we do, that’s a whole lot of coffee grounds in your trash.

With sustainability practices on the rise, it’s ideal to reduce our wastage whenever possible. So, the next time you’re about to toss out the wet coffee grounds, just think of all the amazing things you could be doing with leftover grounds.

Gorgeous coffee grounds can be put to good use instead of being thrown away.

Don’t know where to begin? We’ve compiled some easy and effective ways to reuse coffee grounds.



Coffee not only tastes heavenly but its grounds make great fertilizing for your garden. 
  • Coffee grounds double up as the perfect fertiliser to plants as it adds nitrogen to enrich and aerate the soil.
Coffee grounds added to the soil.
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  • Many farmers keep earthworms for vermicomposting purposes. Earthworms ingest coffee grounds easily (and in fact love them!) This results in a rich and natural compost that acts as a great environment for plants to grow.
  • Adding excess coffee grounds to your compost bin will also stabilize the pH level, allowing organic breakdown to degrade faster and conceal the stink.
  • Pests, such as ants, snails or slugs are every gardeners’ nightmare. They hate the strong scent of coffee, so leaving coffee grounds around should keep the bugs away! 


With natural deodorising abilities, coffee grounds are an easy fix for household cleaning. 
  • If you have cooked with ingredients such as onions and garlic before, you would know that the odour is almost impossible to get rid of even with soap. Coffee grounds to the rescue! Rub some coffee grounds onto your hands and wash off with cold water. Voila!
  • Baking soda is our immediate solution to keep odours out of the refrigerator but if you have excess coffee grounds, that could do the trick too! Simply place a small bag of coffee grounds on a shelf in the refrigerator and you’ll notice the difference. 
  • Noticed a scratch on your dark wood/espresso finish furniture? Make some paste with coffee grounds and warm water and rub it over the scratch. Leave on for a couple of minutes and then wipe off and the coffee stain helps to camouflage the scratch.
  • If you’re a coffee lover, you might be fond of your room smelling like fresh coffee. Save yourself some bucks, purchase a spice shaker and fill it with coffee grounds. (BONUS: You can decorate it to your liking as well!) Just like that, you’ve got yourself a coffee-scented air-freshener!

 DIY Coffee Air Fresheners to the rescue!
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Let’s be real, beauty is effort and a whole lot of money. Coffee grounds can help not just your plants and house but also works wonders as a face/body and hair scrub. The abrasiveness of coffee grounds has perfect exfoliating tendencies and helps to remove dead skin cells, and the caffeine works like magic on your cellulite too!
Coffee scrubs are super popular due to their exfoliating tendencies!
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Additionally, rubbing coffee grounds on your scalp helps to remove oil build up while giving hair a nice sheen. It’s pure luxury without breaking the bank!

Now that you’re more familiar with the various uses of coffee grounds, get with the guilt-free lifestyle and save yourself some money while enjoying your daily caffeine habit!