Specialty Grade Coffee


Our efforts begin by learning from local farmers about each region’s unique growing and harvesting process. Our coffee beans are triple hand-picked from harvesting to sorting, reinforcing JJ Royal’s standards of Specialty Grade quality coffee.


Coffee beans are like diamonds. It is very hard to distinguish the best graded coffee from the lower graded coffee before it reaches your cup. As diamonds are determined by the 4Cs by experts, coffee grading has a similar process that we have instilled in our Quality Management process. Unripe, defective and damaged green beans are removed through a triple hand-picked process so that only the best beans are used in roasting.



Our roast masters have perfected their techniques to accentuate each coffee's taste profile based on processing method and origin. We stay highly caffeinated and motivated with daily cupping sessions to ensure consistency across our roast batches.


Experience the different aromas and flavors of our single origin coffees by organizing a side-by-side tasting session at home or in the office with your family and friends. You will find that each single origin displays its own unique flavor profiles!