Spice Up your Coffee with Cardamom!

As we approach the chilly season of candy canes and gingerbread cookies, a cup of hot coffee sounds more appealing than ever. If you’ve tried all the festive coffee specialties that your local cafe has to offer, it’s time to treat yourself to something new. Trust us! You might want to spice up your mornings with cardamom coffee!


Cardamom coffee is an aromatic, spiced beverage that draws origins from certain parts of India and the Middle East where cardamom is widely grown. Known for its distinctive fragrance and unique flavour profile, cardamom is a versatile ingredient used in many sweet and savoury dishes and drinks in Asian cuisine. Cardamom coffee has gained popularity over the years and is widespread in many other parts of the world as well. It is essentially made by simmering coffee with crushed or ground cardamom and water. Occasionally, other spices are included in the blend as well. In other words, its sugar and spice! Although traditionally served as a black coffee, milk and sugar can be added based on individual preference. If you aren’t a fan of spices (especially in drinks), the rich, complex flavour that cardamom brings to the fruity bitterness of coffee could change your mind.


Besides packing a punch of exotic flavours, cardamom has some pretty sweet health benefits as well! 

√ Is an antioxidant
√ Contains cancer-fighting compounds
√ Aids digestion
√ Has antibacterial effects


Drinking cardamom coffee has some sweet health benefits!
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Combine that with the general health benefits of drinking coffee, and cardamom coffee could easily be integrated into your morning routine in no time!



Most cafes do not serve cardamom coffee but fret not, you can easily make it at home!
Follow these simple steps to enjoy this healthy indulgence:
  1. Add whole coffee beans and about 4-5 cardamom pods in a coffee grinder and grind till coarsely ground.
  2. Brew your coffee like you always do and you’re good to go!
  3. Optional: You can serve with milk, sugar/sweetener.
  4. NOTE: If you purchase ground coffee, cardamom coffee can also be made by adding coffee, water and cardamom to a pot and simmering over low heat.
Sugar and spice in one cup. 


The next time you are about to make your regular cup of coffee, grab the cardamom from your spice cabinet (or head over to the supermarket to get some) and make yourself a bangin’ cup of aromatic cardamom coffee! After all, everyone craves change and perhaps, cardamom coffee is the wake-up call you need every morning?